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Houston Wedding Bands C Best Party Band | Route 66 Band
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Wedding Band in Texas Since 1997


Thanks for visiting the website of Houstons Best Wedding and Houstons Best Corporate Party Band.

WHY Route 66? Because size does matter We use state-of-the art keyboard technology and superior musicianship and vocal arrangements to deliver a stage sound that typically takes at least 6 musicians for most bands.

Plus we play and sing every note. We dont use backing tracks to provide a base for our soundWhy C because we can

LETS TALK VALUE $$$ A typical budget, 4 hours for a 4 piece band and a female vocalist from our competition, will allow us to use the same instruments and a Quality Female Vocalist, plus add a fantastic sax/flutist; we can even add a DJ on breaks for an add'l fee.

Simply said Our musicians and vocalists simply sing and PERFORM at a LEVEL that MOST hobby BANDS seldom achieve. And with over 500+ Houston Weddings and Houston Private functions since 1997, we are sure we can make it a night to Dance your Shoes off...

Our listeners will dance to ageless tunes mixed with current hits. The Route 66 Band is popular not only because of its great sound, but also because of its wide variety of music, providing something for everyone. We have been called Extreme Variety by some of our clients Although primarily known for our Dance, Motown, Classic Rock, and R&B, the band also provides something for everyone including country, standards or dinner jazz.

Please note that if larger is what you need, we can add an entire horn section for your BIG BAND sound.

The Route 66 Band is a self-contained group providing state-of-the art sound reinforcement (QSC; JBL) and lighting, and a large collection of music during breaks, with casual to formal attire to fit any event. We actually carry a backup for most of our systems, in that if we have a failure, it can be replaced quickly to keep the party rockin...

Click here for our NEW calendar

June 6th Wedding Recp in Lake Jackson

June 26th Vintage Park by Fountains

June 27th Wedding Recp in Nederland

July 18th Wedding Recp in Houston


Book the Route 66 Band - please
contact your favorite talent or
booking agency....


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Hi Roy!

Wow, I can't even begin to explain how happy we were with your performance. Route 66 made this wedding! We have been getting complement after complement about how great the band was and we really would like to thank you for giving us such a wonderful atmosphere. We were able to relax and really have such a great time at our wedding thanks you ya'll.

Thank you again and God Bless!

Emily and Brandon Conn

Hi Roy,

Over the years, The Route 66 Band has entertained West U residents at popular events like Arbor Day and Patio on the Patio. Not only is Roy and the band great singers, but he personally makes the booking process seamless! The entire band is great to work with C always showing up early, and most importantly, they have an extraordinary way of getting the crowd moving and grooving! Route 66 definitely puts the special in our special events!

Best regards,

Susan R. White

To watch our videos or to hear our music you may have to install Active X if asked

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